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rogue hazelnut nectar

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Review

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Review Sorry all. Had a hectic weekend and missed getting this up. But without delay, I give you Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar. “Nectar?” you say. Yes Nectar. OK technically a beer, but being sweet and light (for a brown ale) I can definitely see how they would serve this on Mt. Olympus. The nutty twist is… Read more →

Boulevard The Sixth Glass

Boulevard The Sixth Glass Review

Boulevard The Sixth Glass Review Day 6: Saturday 5/21/11 – Boulevard Brewing’s The Sixth Glass 4pk of 12oz bottles $10.99 ($2.74/bottle) A fitting drink for the night of the rapture, Boulevard’s The Sixth Glass sports a label with a rather facetious looking devil. This is my second Boulevard beer showcased during the 777 challenge, this one is from their Smokestack… Read more →

chimay premiere red

Chimay Premiere Review (Red)

Chimay Premiere Review (Red) So to parallel BrewAskew’s review of Chimay Blue, I come back with one for the Red. He has some good info about the monks and authentic Trappist ale, so check it out. Me, I’m going to talk about this red colored mother of a beer. Malty. Fruity. Goodness. This is how I would describe Chimay Red. It’s… Read more →

New Belgium 1554

New Belgium Brewing 1554 Review

New Belgium Brewing 1554 Review Day 5: Friday 5/20/11 – New Belgium Brewing’s 1554 (Enlightened Black Ale) 6pk – 12oz bottles $7.99 ($1.33/bottle) Another dark one today. New Belgium Brewing’s 1554 is a dark brown to black beer with a tan head. Aroma is of dark malts and chocolate. A slight bite on the tip of the tongue to start.… Read more →

delirium nocturnum

Delirium Nocturnum Review

Delirium Nocturnum Review Delirium. If you’re a Belgian fan, I’m sure you’re familiar. If not, now’s a good time to get acquainted. Right off the bat you get good rich tones of amazingly rich complexity of which I’ve been told hints of apple, honey, berry and a hint of sourness. My palette must not be that sensitive because all I… Read more →