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Alright gang, looks like you can’t get enough of whiskey barrels, the Brauler and coconut porter. And seems like some of you are gearing up for some summer festivities cause there’s a lot eyes on jockey boxes, too. Hope you all had a very good Dark Lord weekend and aren’t still hurting too much.


Used Whiskey Barrels

I found an online outlet to purchase oak barrels a while back. They come in several sizes and would be perfect for some aging of homebrew. You can check them out here: Oak Barrels Ltd.




WORK Beer = Man Brew

Work Beer. Gotta love these guys. They have a great Flickr stream up showcasing some of their ads and packaging – both of which rock! It’s like the Living the Highlife campaign if it actually had balls





“Greetings beer fans,

We are proud to report several inspiring developments! For one, Zythos Project became proud members of The Brewers Association this week. We are really excited to be part of this ambitious group of innovators and all-around good people.



Coconut Porter Recipe

5# Golden Promise Pale
.9# Briess Chocolate Malt 325-375L
.5# Crisp Brown Malt 60-70L
.6 oz Northern Brewer (10.5%)
.3 oz East Kent Gold (4.5%)
14 oz toasted, shredded coconut


How To Build a Jockey Box

First let’s start off with “what is a jockey box” and why do I need to build one? Well, glad you asked. Jockey boxes are kind of the poor man’s portable kegerator.

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