Learn To Brew From A Clone

clonesWe all have our favorite beers. So if you’re diving into the homebrew scene, why not starting by brewing one of your favs? Clone kits and recipes are smart for a couple of reasons.

  1. You already know what the beer tastes like, now you get to see what goes into it.
  2. And when you’re done, all you have to do is crack it open and taste it side-by-side with the real thing to see how you did.


So not only can you learn to brew, but also start better developing your palette as well.┬áThere are a number of good books out there and a simple internet search for “{Favorite Beer Name} Clone Recipe” usually does the trick too. The one thing that might be an issue is that if you’re into lighter beers it might be hard to find a recipe that’s not all-grain. But don’t worry, when the time comes to dive into all-grain, there’s are tons of clone recipes out there for that, too.

Now back to the tasting aspect. To brew a beer that already exists with a constant flavor, you can use it as a benchmark. The closer your beer tastes to the original, the more you’ll start to understand the complexities of ingredients and how they work together. You’ll be able to tell if your beer is too malty or if the hops aren’t quite right. We’ll dive deeper into tasting later this month, but developing your taste buds to detect these types of differences is as important as any tool you’ll use on brew day.

Plus, if you nail it, you’ll have tons of your favorite beer around all the time (and it’ll cost you a lot less that going to the store).

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