Impromptu Taste Night

So was pulling some equipment out of storage yesterday and grabbed some older bottles of brew as well. I grabbed one of my IPAs from the experiment, a Belgian, a barley wine and a peppercorn saison.

IPA - this was using Wyeast 3522 and man did it age well. Really complex but balanced taste. Goes down real easy and it’s super clear with a great, white head (see featured photo). I was really thinking that a different one was my favorite, but that was before. Think I’m changing my mind after this one.

Belgian – It’s OK. Solid beer that I’m pleased with, but nothing to write home about. It doesn’t really have any standout characteristics. But might be a good base beer to start tweaking from – there definitely room for improvement here. Going to have to think of what that special something is. I can see this being the basis of my next small batch experiment.

Peppercorn Saison – I drank most of this a while back, but still have two bottles left. Before it was spicier and had a much more pronounced pepper aroma and a little bite in the aftertaste. Now it’s really mellowed and is almost sweet and a little fruity. It’s not bad, but liked it better before. Think this is one that I shouldn’t let sit nearly as long.

Barley Wine – Aged this in an oak barrel last summer. Tried some around Christmas, and it was still pretty green and woody. Think it still needs more time, but starting to blend. I’m getting more of the maltiness and less of the oak (but it’s still pretty pronounced). It’s also pretty strong.  Have a bunch left and going to let mellow for a while longer still. Maybe try again in July or something.


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