How To Crush Grains without a Mill

Accidentally bought some un-crushed Munich malt at the brew store. I don’t have a mill, so figured this would be a problem. So searched around the interwebs a bit and found a few things.

Seems like I can put the grains in a plastic bag and use a rolling pin – but seems not the greatest option based on other people’s feedback

Can add it to a meat grinder using a large-hole setting – this I don’t have and sounds like it dulls the blade pretty bad

Use the blender – this one sounded the most promising, so here goes nothing.

OK, I don’t have a blender, but a food processor. I’m going to try this. From the image you might notice I used a bread blade. This didn’t work, so I switched over to the regular blade.

I only have one setting, but if you have multiple start on low and work your way up if you feel that isn’t cutting it (rim shot please)

1) Blend a 1-1 ½  cups at a time. this makes sure all grains are coming in contact with the blades and you’re not over grinding any

2) Put the cover on – very important if you don’t want Mt. Grainsuvius blowing its top

3) Quickly pulse on/off/on/off/on/off for 10 seconds or so. Check and continue as needed – remember you don’t want powder.

4) Check the “crush”. You want it to look like about 85-90% of the kernels are broken into a half dozen pieces, with a reasonable amount of flour in the bottom (maybe 5-10%), and only about 5% uncracked kernels. Adjust timing as appropriate on subsequent “crushes”.

5) Dump the “crushed” grain into your mash tun.

6) Repeat all the above steps for the next 20-45 minutes, depending on the size of your batch. Kind of a time suck, but can save you from buying an actual mill or if like me, you’re a numbskull at times.

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