American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale

American Pale Ales are a member of the American Ale category, 10A, of the BJCP style list. These beers are typically pale golden to deep amber in color with a moderately large white to off-white head that sticks around. Generally, APAs are quite clear. APAs usually present a moderate to strong hop aroma. Many versions employ the technique of dry-hopping… Read more →

Wheat Beer

American Wheat Ale

American Wheat beer falls under BJCP category 6 (Light Hybrid Beer) subcatgory D (American Wheat or Rye Beer). It is a pale yellow to gold colored beer with a large, long-lasting white head. Its clarity can be anywhere from brilliant to a yeasty haze, characteristic of a hefeweizen. The aroma has low to moderate notes of wheat grain with some… Read more →

Am Lager

Standard American Lager

Standard american lager (BJCP Style 1B) is a very pale straw to medium yellow colored beer, with a frothy, white head, that rarely persists. The clarity of the beer is exceptional. There is little to no malt aroma, however some graininess, sweet, or corn-like scents are acceptable. Hop aroma should be light, if any, and include spiciness or floral characteristics.… Read more →

irish red ale

Irish Red Ales

Irish Red Ale – BJCP Style 9D Irish red ales are a balanced style that has low hop aroma, low carbonation, is deep amber in color with a stark white head and had a moderate sweet/caramel flavor to it. Style guide wise, it’s in the same family as Scottish Ales and share a lot of similarities with them. With an… Read more →

Am Lager

Lite American Lager

Lite American Lager – BJCP Style 1A Love it or hate it, Lite American Lager was probably the first style of beer we ever tasted. It is the style created and perfected by the likes of Anheuser Busch and Coors. While one of the most basic styles of beer in appearance, aroma, and taste, it is probably one of the… Read more →