Lambic Float Recipe

If beer popsicles aren’t your thing, you should cool your taste buds with a nice refreshing lambic float. Personally, I like Lindemans Framboise. I’m a sucker for raspberries, so it’s right up my alley. If you have our own fav, go with that. If not, experiment a bit. There are lots of lambics to choose from out there. And remember, the ice cream is going to add some sweetness, so even a lambic that’s sour to drink straight could have a totally different taste as a float.

Have your lambic picked out? Great. Grab some vanilla or French vanilla ice cream, add two scoops to 1/2 cup of beer and devour. Beware of ice cream headaches and mid-summer hangovers. Let me know your favorite combos, I’m looking to branch out from the raspberry.

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