13.1% Beer for 13.1 Mi Run

In late April, I’m going to run my first half marathon. I know I’m a little late in the game pulling this together and it won’t be ready in time, but I’m brewing it anyway – a 13.1% barleywine. If you’re not familiar, 13.1 mi is the distance of a half marathon.

I’ve never brewed anything close to being this high. Think my highest is in the low 7% arena. So I’m curious how close I can get here.

Still tinkering with the malt bill & when to add the hops, but here’s my recipe so far:

3-Gallon Batch of Barleywine


7.5# Maris Otter

7.5# Vienna Malt

.3# Amber Malt

.3# Wheat Malt

1# CaraPils

.2# Victory

.2# Caramel 60L

.3# Candi Sugar


1.5 oz East Kent

.5 oz Fuggles


White Labs English Ale


Planning on brewing it this weekend. Fingers crossed.

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