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skunky beer

How to Keep Your Beer Skunk-Free

You may hear friends use the word skunky to describe several nuances that can affect a beer. Wrong. Skunky is specific. It does not mean flat. It does not mean it tastes stale, sour, bitter, or metallic. Skunky means skunky, as in it literally smells and tastes like a skunk. (Don’t pretend you’ve never tasted skunk, you dirty liar.) That… Read more →

Bock Mac & Cheese

Bock Mac & Cheese Recipe

Oh good lord! Everyone knows that beer and cheese is a great combo, but this… this… is… awesome! Bock mac & cheese! Let me repeat bock mac & cheese. Now that we’ve let that sink in a little, let me tell you how excited I am about this recipe. The strong maltiness of a bock combined with its sweet, toasty,… Read more →


Bottling Beer 101

Your wort has been magically transformed into beer…thanks, yeast. Now it’s time for some packaging. Your most basic of packaging options is bottles. Bottling, in my opinion, is probably the most tedious portion of home brewing. There a few things you can do to overcome this, short of kegging. In all honesty, I couldn’t say if kegging is any less… Read more →

belgian wheat

All Grain Belgian Wit Recipe

This is a great summer beer. Kind of in the realm of Allagash White, but theirs is still better… for now! I’ve made it the last three summers in a row and have slightly improved each time. It’s light and refreshing. Plus, being a Belgian, you can ferment at a littleĀ  higher temps and still be OK flavor-wise. All Grain… Read more →